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This is a Boro rug made over 100 years ago. It was found in the Hukushima prefecture, Japan.


It has about 3 or 4 layers of indigo-dyed cotton fragments sewn on top of each other. Everything is embroidered by hand, and the texture of the faded textiles are stunning.


This rug is very beautiful and is made from a large amount of precious stripe ikat.


It is thick and just right for use as a rug. It has been washed many times so it has a soft texture.


Material: Cotton 100% 


Mesures: 176cm×174cm (69in × 68in)

Vintage Japanese sashiko stitched indigo Boro rug

  • We ship our items world wide from Chiba Japan. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing before shipment.

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