This is beautiful antique indigo-dyed cotton kimono with hand-dyed motifs of Waves and birds made in mid 20c. This motif called Nami ni Chidori. Meaning they look very compatible and harmonious.



The kimono is made of indigo-dyed cotton, exquisitely woven, and has a beautiful hand-printed by Tsutsugaki. Tsutsugaki (筒描) is a Japanese technique of resist dyeing that involves drawing rice-paste designs on cloth, dyeing the cloth, and then washing off the paste.


 A nice collector's piece. 


Dimensions :

color to bottom edge: 134cm (52in),

Sleeve Edge to Edge Across Shoulders:126cm (49in)

Armpit to armpit: 60cm (23in)

Vintage Japanese indigo dyed cotton kimono jacket

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