This is Japanese boro tote bag, made of vintage japanese sashiko stitched persimmon dyed textiles. Boro fabric are sew pieces together by hand sashiko stitching.

-vintage sashiko stitched persimmon dyed sakabukuro textiles.

-vintage japanese fireman pocket.

-vintage japanese sakiori bottom
-maekake apronwest code inforced leather straps.
-kimono's belt obi cotton lining.
-big inner pockets from vintage sakabukuro textiles.
-OLDINDUSTRIAL textile tag


48cm(19") W × 36cm(14") H × 10cm(4") D

strap 50cm(20")



Hand made in Japan, one of a kind.

Vintage Japanese hikeshi pocket BORO tote bag

  • We ship our bags world wide from tokyo japan. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing before shipment.