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This is a fragment of old kimono lining.  Small holes have been repaired by Sashiko stitching with other small fabrics. 


The textile is very soft and thin to the touch. It has a vivid print with Sho-chiku-bai pattern.


Sho-chiku-bai is a traditional Japanese term that refers to the "three friends of winter." It is composed of three plants: pine (sho), bamboo (chiku), and plum (bai). These three plants are highly regarded in Japanese culture and often depicted together in art and literature as symbols of good fortune, longevity, and resilience.


Material : cotton 100% 


Mesures: 35cm×82cm (13in × 32in)

Japanese vintage sashiko stitched cotton BORO fragment

  • We ship our items world wide from tokyo japan. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing before shipment.

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