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Komebukuro is a traditional Japanese bag made of small textiles, typically created using scraps of cloth. The term "komebukuro" translates to "rice bag" in English, as it was historically used for carrying offerings of rice to temples or shrines during special occasions or festivals.


Their ceremonial use, komebukuro bags were also repurposed for various purposes. They were utilized as gift bags or as storage for small items such as sewing supplies, coins, or jewelry. 


This one made of reused silk kimono textiles, This one has some damage and is about 100 years old, so it is for ornamental purposes only.


Measures: 36cm×33cm (14in × 13in)

Japanese vintage patched rice-bag Komebukuro

  • We ship our items world wide from tokyo japan. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing before shipment.

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