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This handwoven ramie 4-paneled Noren or shop curtain was woven in the late 20th century and re-stitched on a sewing machine about 50 years ago.


This one very thin texture and has some holes and damages.


Noren is a traditional Japanese curtain used in shops and homes to define spaces, provide privacy, and display decorative designs.


This one printed Kamon family crest and arabesque pattern by Katazome dyeing. Katazome is a traditional Japanese textile dyeing technique. It involves using stencils to apply a resist paste made from rice flour onto fabric, creating intricate and colorful patterns when the fabric is dyed.


※Bamboo sticks are not included.


Mesures: 163cm×134cm (64in × 52in)

Japanese vintage indigo-dyed Noren shop curtains

  • We ship our items world wide from Chiba,Japan. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing before shipment.

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