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This is an old hand-weaved indigo-dyed ramie 5-paneled Noren or shop curtain that was made in the late 20th century in Japan.


In old times, it was used for winter to block wind and dust and keep warm air in. Nowadays, it means a cloth used as a room divider or decoration.


Large Chinese characters in the center are calligraphy with the shop's name or a local symbol.


The upper part of the curtain is made of strong cotton and the lower part is made of delicate and very thin hand-woven ramie.


※Bamboo sticks are not included.


Mesures: 147cm×155cm (57in × 61in)

Japanese vintage indigo-dyed Noren shop curtains

  • We ship our items world wide from Chiba,Japan. Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing before shipment.

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